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We deliver a unique iTutor platform for education, collaboration, and human resource management that helps hundreds of satisfied customers be smarter, more productive and more successful in their work.

More about iTutor

In Continental
is the iTutor platform integrated directly into the production process and brings a detailed overview of fulfilling the strict qualification requirements of employees and their access to production lines is fully automated.

Case study

In Volkswagen Financial Services
the iTutor platform helps effectively set up training plans for all dealers.

Case study

In Czech post
the iTutor platform serves as a unified educational portal and integrates all information related to corporate education and qualifications.

Case study

manages the qualifications of employees and external partners using the iTutor platform, which operates as a complex education portal, test center, company academy, and management of the competencies.

Případová studie

Services and products


Our products are used by more than 600 users with more than 300 customers in 7 language locations.

The company Kontis offered us not only the products we were looking for in the market, but also excellent services to implement the entire system, including a related service. With the introduction of LMS iTutor, we have acquired a powerful tool that enables us to bring modern training courses to our employees and to effectively manage the organization of presentation training. Kontis s.r.o. can respond very flexibly and offer solutions tailored to our requirements.

Richard Köhler, HR Senior Specialist, ČEZ,a.s.

Financial division

The Commercial Bank (Komerční banka) was looking for a system that would allow electronic testing to be used in areas where presentation training is not necessary and where the maximum number of employees is to be trained in the short term. When selecting a supplier, emphasis was placed on the professionalism and quality of the services offered, so that the application was user-friendly and administrator-friendly. These requirements were best fulfilled by the company Kontis and its product iTutor.

Jaroslava Jelínková, Head of Professional Training, KB,a.s.


The company Kontis has been able to fully meet our high requirements on the e-learning trainings, and our ongoing collaboration and expansion of solutions to other countries is the best proof of this.

Petra Růžičková, Training Specialist, T-Mobile

E-learning in Other fields
CD Datart Becher
other references

LMS iTutor has brought a new direction into our company in the field of education management. The e-learning courses greatly contribute to improving the knowledge of our employees, which is absolutely necessary to maintain our market position in the field.

Lucie Grusová, Internal Communications Manager, DATART International,a.s.